'Maltese Suicide Bombers' Mocked On Popular Netflix Series

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Netflix's action-thriller Shooter has joined a short list of series that give a shout-out to Malta in their dialogue, but this time it's not exactly a stellar review.

The show follows a series of counter-terrorism agents working to keep American borders safe, and in the latest episode our little island was the cause of trouble. Driving along a bumpy road, the conversation between three operatives turned to the country of origin for their suspects.

"These guys are Turkish right?"

"According to what I heard, they rode in on Maltese passports".


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But that didn't sit well with the third operative, who laughed at the idea of Malta spawning terror agents.

"Suicide bombers from Malta? Yeah, I'm waving the bullshit flag on that one".

Well, it's a good sign that they don't think it's possible we could be terrorists, but a small part of everyone watching thought: Fuck you, we can be whatever we want to be. 

Screen Shot 2017 07 27 At 10 00 14

Dak jiġi it-tifel ta' Mary li kienet toqod il-Belt viċin tal-...

To cap it all off, their final discussions saw them guessing the prices of buying a passport locally. And despite their figure being totally off (they guessed it costs around €100,000) they were still impressed at how these terrorists had this kinda cash lying about.

Thanks for the tip, Kendrick.

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