Health Authorities Clamp Down On Cannabis-Advocating Doctor

On the eve of cannabis lobby launch

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Dr. Andrew Agius, a licensed doctor specialising in pain management who started a series of informative talks on the potential advantages and disadvantages of medical cannabis has been warned that he could lose his medical license if he continues his Kannatalim series.

The family doctor has since posted on Facebook, announcing the cancellation of his popular series, which in recent weeks covered topics such as "What is CBD?", "Innovative Ways to Combat Pain In The Body", and "The Endocannabinoid System".

Dr. Agius made his announcement via the Kannatalim Facebook page. Social media users were quick to react with their disappointment at what was perceived as censorship on the eve of one of his most public lectures. 

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Dr. Agius was set to appear at the ReLeaf cannabis launch tomorrow, where he was scheduled to speak outside of Parliament in favour of the cannabis lobby group's manifesto, as well as host a lecture later in the evening on Manoel Island.

Speaking to Lovin Malta, he expressed fear about holding any further lectures, even deleting the events on Facebook, but confirmed that he would still give a small speech outside Parliament related to cannabis legalisation.

He remains adamant in working to do whatever he can to help people overcome their illnesses and pain.

Lovin Malta has reached out to the Superintendent of Public Health and OPM for comments but has not received an answer.

What do you think of what happened to Dr. Andrew Agius? Do you believe he is being treated fairly by the authorities? Let us know in the comments below.

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