UPDATED: Malta Announces International Call For Azure Window Memorial Ideas

Clearly, Malta is not letting this go

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Malta has just announced an international call for suggestions on how to memorialize the recently collapsed Azure Window.

The government wants the site to be "adequately remembered" while continuing to attract thousands of visitors. 

The bid, which was announced by several government officials including the Tourism Minister Edward Zammit Lewis and Minister for Sustainable Development Jose Herrera, could include artistic installations, augmented reality features and other memorial options. A rebuilding of the window was ruled out during the press conference but remained an option according to a press release issued subsequently.

In its press release, the Government of Malta said it would issue an "international consultation initiative" to consider suggestions on the way forward at Dwejra.

The statement gave these 7 options for what the government was willing to consider:

1. Leaving the site as it is

2. An operation to recover parts of the structure from the sea and put them up for view

3. Enhancement of an interpretation centre that would recall the structure in all its beauty

4. Use of digital technology and augmented reality to recreate the site for tech users

5. Artistic installation/s at or near the site where the structure was

6. The artificial recreation of the structure

7. Any other innovative and creative idea that as per the above must conform with environment conservation and protection rules

"These options are not mutually exclusive and the Government of Malta will look into all options and suggestions. The consultation initiative will be discussed and commissioned during the next Cabinet meeting and published accordingly," the government said.

"In the meantime, the Malta Environment Resources Authority will issue a Conservation Order which will for now prohibit scuba diving in the area, until the remains of the structure are properly located and studied, and in order to protect the said remains."

Speaking live on Sky News this morning, Malta's Prime Minister Joseph Muscat told Adam Boulton there would be an "international initiative" launched by the government later in the day. When asked whether the project would involve rebuilding the window, Joseph Muscat declined to comment.

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Some suggestions have already come in...

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Credit: csababernath.com

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