Jellyfish With Extremely Painful Sting Spotted In Maltese Waters

Better start carrying vinegar with you to the beach

Jellyfish Story

Attention all swimmers and beach-goers, there have been recent reports of sightings of the Mediterranean Box Jellyfish (Carybdea marsupialis), on the Facebook page, Spot The Jellyfish. Some may have heard the name before, and if you have there's no need to freak out; the 'Mediterranean' version is painful, but a lot less dangerous.

So far, reports have come in of sightings at Vittoriosa, Msida and Birzebbuga. The species is attracted to artificial light and tends to cluster around dockyards, marinas and yachts. So sailors and anyone who likes to take a dip around the marina should be especially vigilant.

While swimming look out for four long tentacles attached to a distinct boxy head, which is where it gets its name.

While not as dangerous as it's Australian cousin (which has been known to kill people), the Mediterranean species can still cause extremely painful stings that'll ruin your day at the beach. Vinegar, and a hot water bath will help alleviate some of the pain.

Thanks to Alan Deidun for the heads-up. If you want to report a jellyfish sighting head on over to this website.

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