Finally An End To The Great Eurovision Debate

Now we know exactly how much taxpayer money is spent on Eurovision...

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Now we finally know exactly how much taxpayer is spent on Eurovision: a big fat zero, according to a report in today's edition of The Times

We still don't know how much money is spent on Eurovision. What we do know is that it is all funded by sponsors and not taxpayer's money as is often believed. In fact, Eurovision is so popular with sponsors that Malta actually makes a profit from it!

The news, that is likely to end all Eurovision spending debates for good, was announced by a rather unusual source, the Data Protection Commissioner.

Times of Malta filed a Freedom of Information request to find out exactly how much was spent on this year's edition. When their request was turned down on the basis of commercial sensitivities, the Data Protection Commissioner was brought in to review the decision.

After a “thorough investigation”, the commissioner upheld PBS’s decision to deny access to the data.

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"The commissioner also said he had established, “in a clear and factual manner”, that no public funds were actually committed by PBS for this year’s contest."

The commissioner said he established “in a clear and factual manner” that no public funds were actually committed by PBS for this year’s contest.

“Had such funds been utilised, the commissioner would have undoubtedly taken different views and made ulterior considerations to ensure that the scope of the Freedom of Information law is achieved and the public interest served."

According to Times of Malta, leaked documents have shown expenses exceeding €200,000.

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