Latest Updates: Michelle Muscat Denies DCG's 'Lies', PM Calls For Inquiry

Reiterates PM's response to allegations

Michelle Muscat stopped to give journalists a short statement about her alleged connection to the Egrant Inc. shares as she left Villa Francia tonight.

In case you missed it: Daphne Caruana Galizia tonight alleged that Egrant Inc's shares belong to the Prime Minister's wife Michelle Muscat, and the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has 'categorically' denied the allegations. 

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When asked for her reaction to the news, Muscat replied: 

"Gidba faħxija fuqi u fuq il-familja tiegħi, m’għandiex aktar x’inżid ma’ dak li qal il-Prim Ministru – ir-raġel tiegħi. U nkomplu għaddejin bil-ħidma serena tagħna.”

"Heinous lie about me and my family, I have nothing to add to the Prime Minister's – my husband's – statement. We will continue with our work in serenity." 

Muscat declined to reply to further questions and continued onto a nearby car in, well...apparent serenity.

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Meanwhile Joseph Muscat Calls for inquiry

The Prime Minister and his lawyers are requesting that the Police Commissioner inform a duty magistrate tonight about the DCG allegations. Muscat has asked that an inquiry is launched in order to preserve all the evidence, and to allow the Attorney General and the Police Commissioner to take all necessary steps.

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The Maltese Police Commissioner is finishing up a fenkata. So it may have to wait. 

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