Malta Reacts To Michelle Muscat's Alleged Connection To Egrant Inc Shares

A whole new level of 'Oh Shit'

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Daphne Caruana Galizia has alleged that Egrant Inc's shares belong to the Prime Minister's wife Michelle Muscat. This bombshell allegation comes after days of building hype and speculation, amid calls by the PN live on Net TV calling for an immediate police arrest and raid on Pilatus Bank. 

How are the Maltese public taking it? One things for sure – when in crisis mockery is our go-to reaction. Here's a breakdown of how social media has responded to the news so far.

1. The understandable 'holy shit' reactions

2. The prudent 'hold on a second' reactions

3. The expected 'smug AF' reactions

4. The inevitable 'shame on you' reactions

5. And the endless digs...

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