BREAKING: Malta’s First Official Cannabis Legalisation Movement Takes Root

The ReLeaf movement is calling for the full legalisation of recreational and medical cannabis

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A group of Maltese people from all walks of life have officially formed the country’s first pressure group advocating the full legalisation of cannabis for recreational purposes.

The movement, adequately called ReLeaf, will officially launch its manifesto at a press conference on 14th October. However, a copy of the manifesto seen by Lovin Malta shows it is calling on the Maltese government to regulate and tax cannabis, and to allow people to grow up to six plants or purchase it from a dispensary. 

They are also calling for licensed medical cannabis to be made available at pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription,  for the legalisation of cannabis social clubs, and for the government to issue licenses for hemp cultivation and   for cannabis research. 

Other proposals include the establishment of quality testing facilities and an updated drug education programme, while harsh penalties are envisaged for people who sell cannabis on the black market or to minors. 


ReLeaf is the first Maltese movement advocating the legalisation of recreational cannabis 

“The global war on drugs has failed, and the social and economic costs of this impossible war are being felt today,” ReLeaf said in its manifesto. “All around the world, criminal elements have infiltrated society, taking advantage of an unregulated global industry that is worth billions, and accounts for about 1% of total global trade.” 

 “From the poor farmers forced to grow the illicit crops to the drug mules swallowing packets of drugs to the young drug dealers on the streets all the way to the sharks getting extremely rich off of the government’s unregulated and averted eyes, decades of failed national policy has wrought untold misery on countless people, most of whom are guilty of nothing more than a personal choice, and sometimes even less than that.” 

"The global war on drugs has failed, and the social and economic costs of this impossible war are being felt today"

ReLeaf Movement

One of the logos designed by the ReLeaf Movement

ReLeaf is being organised by two young men, Johnathan Cilia and Eric Castillo, and has the backing of Movement Graffitti, the Malta Humanist Association, anti-poverty campaigner Charles Miceli, philosophy lecturer Michael Grech, and Dr. Andrew Agius from the Pain Clinic in Paola.  

Its first public event will be tomorrow, when one of its representatives will go up against a representative from Caritas during a debate on cannabis on TVM’s Skjetti. 

Their first press conference outside Parliament on 14th October will be followed by a launch party at the Funky Monkey club on Manoel Island that same evening. 

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