Migrants Have Taken Over A Cargo Ship In Libya And Are Heading Towards Malta Or Lampedusa

The AFM have confirmed reports of a 'pirated ship'

Hiblu 1 Migrant Lovin Malta Pirates

A group of migrants have taken over a merchant cargo ship after being rescued and are now heading towards Malta and Lampedusa.

108 migrants have commandeered the El Hiblu 1 just six miles off the Libyan Coast after it rescued them in a Search and Rescue operation. As the ship started heading towards Libya, the migrants reportedly hijacked the boat and turned it northwards towards Malta.

The Armed Forces of Malta have confirmed they they have received reports of a "pirated ship" and are monitoring the situation

While the ship is heading north, the AFM have said they expect the Libyan Coast Guard to handle the situation.

The Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has come out strongly against the hijack, saying it was an "act of piracy - they are not migrants, they are pirates". He vowed they would not enter Italy.

This is a developing story.

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Pictured above: The last recorded position of El Hiblu 1, recorded over 12 hours ago

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