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WATCH: Abandoned Migrant Identified As Lamin Jaiteh As Woman That Found Him Pays Him Visit In Hospital

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Caroline Galea, the woman who discovered the abandoned migrant yesterday at the side of a road, paid a visit to him today in hospital as he is recovering from his injuries.

The man was left abandoned at the side of a deserted road, garnering a multitude of reactions from people all over the country.

“Today I went to visit Lamin Jaiteh. He is a 32-year-old man who was allegedly left for dead yesterday by Glen Farrugia after falling at least two storeys at a building site he was working on,” Galea wrote in a Facebook post.

While visiting Jaiteh in the hospital, he shared the full recount of his story, leading up to the moment that he was left abandoned on the side of the road.

“Glen got his workers to put him in the back of his van, on a timber plank, telling them he was taking Jaiteh to hospital. He then pulled him out of the van and ditched him on the side of a quiet road in Mellieha,” she narrated.

Jaiteh expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the people that helped him get through this experience, getting teary as he was doing so. 

“Jaiteh got teary and thanked me and the three other people who stopped on the road before me to help him and told me he thought he was going to die. He shared with me that he does not know if he will be able to work for some time, and has no way to make money now. He has two kids back home and a wife. His father has died so he also supports his mum,” she continued.

In the post, Galea also announced that they will be setting up a campaign to raise money to go towards his support, with the help of Victim Support Malta.

Galea also appealed for the change that is necessary after such an incident, and the implications that this has of a much deeper systematic issue.

“There is a systemic issue here, in Malta. Let us not allow national pride to stop us from confronting this. We are a society and when these things continue to happen it is not only a reflection on an individual but on us all. And we have to do better. We have to speak up and we have to start challenging ourselves, our politicians, and the people around us. Malta is a concrete jungle being built by slaves,” she concluded.

The support campaign will be announced shortly.

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