€100,000 In Just 15 Minutes For Bjorn Formosa's Big Fund Raising Appeal

Just in case you are unable follow tonight's show – here's all the donating info you need

Bjorn Formosa

Lovin Malta and The Salott (super well-known Maltese Facebook group) have teamed up to provide information on Bjorn Formosa's big appeal on tonight's edition of Xarabank.

For those of our readers who are not familiar with Formosa's journey so far. Here's a summary of this locally beloved activist's story.

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Bjorn Formosa – the ALS activist who has captured the hearts of the Maltese community

Formosa's story begins with his discovery of a life-altering condition, ALS – a nervous system disease that weakens muscles and impacts physical function. Once diagnosed, Formosa quickly became an activist for ALS sufferers, founding ALS Malta – an organisation aimed at raising awareness and offering support to ALS and MND sufferers in Malta, providing support and palliative care.

Formosa stole the heart o f the nation when he married his friend and long-time ALS awareness supporter – Maria Muscat –  and donated all their wedding gifts to the foundation. 

He's fought social media adversary, and has continuously worked hard to keep the public abreast with his condition. Now he is reaching out to his followers to join in tonight's big fund raising appeal, with an aim to raise money to build a home for ALS patients. 

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Although Formosa' condition continues to deteriorate, Formosa will be undergoing an operation in the next few days in order to help him to breathe. The operation is extremely risky, but if successful could potentially give him few months more to live. He will not be able to speak after the surgery, if successful. 

Despite his situation, Formosa's will remains stronger than ever. We urge all our readers to dig deep and donate to this worthwhile cause. Donors will have their named inscribed within the ALS Malta home when it's built.

Donation information:


5170 2016 to donate €15 

5180 2018 to donate €25

2124 9200 for donations of over €300


5061 8936 to donate €6.99

“Tonight the dream can become a reality” 

Bjorn Formosa, live on Xarabank
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While Formosa makes his pledge tonight, joined by other well-known inspirational local characters like Samuel – donations continue to pour in with the sum already reaching over €100,000. 

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