Bjorn Formosa Will "Fight Till The End" As He Faces Surgery To Help Him Eat

The nation is once again in awe of the ALS activist

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Bjorn Formosa, the ALS activist who has captured the hearts of the Maltese community, has posted his most recent update on his condition. Formosa's post describes how he will have to undergo surgery tomorrow in order to assist his body to deliver food into his stomach, as the muscles used conventionally to swallow are beginning to weaken as part of his condition.

In line with his usual brand of optimism, Formosa acknowledges his deteriorating condition, but uses his story as a beacon for ALS awareness.

Formosa's continuing dialogue with the Maltese public has not been without controversy. Last year, after his marriage and announcement that his condition had worsened, he became the subject of a string of jokes in a private group on Facebook. Formosa fought back and continued to garner overwhelming public support. 

His latest post is testimony to the nation's solidarity with his case.

Bjorn was in fact voted as Malta's second most inspirational local personality in a poll launched by Lovin Malta. And it's not hard to see why. He is a daily reminder about what ALS is and how much strength it takes to deal with it – and for that he deserves all the thanks and recognition he can get.

We would like to wish Bjorn luck with his surgery tomorrow, and remind the Maltese public to continue to donate to ALS Malta.

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