Public Hits Back At Hurtful Facebook Comments Against ALS Activist Couple

Police inspector warns of legal implications

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Public outcry on Facebook has ensued after a string of cruel jokes were made in poor taste on the subject of ALS activists Bjorn Formosa and Maria Muscat's wedding. 

The offenders' comments have been described by the President of Malta's Police Officers Union, Sandro Camilleri, as "cruel and vile", whilst he warned that public offences such as these can be prosecuted and may result in a  fine of up to €23,000.

The comments about the couple's marriage were made following an announcement earlier this week by Formosa that his condition had worsened. Formosa suffers from ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.

The Facebook comments surfaced in a private group called 'Ċajt Aħdar' (jokes in bad taste), and eventually were exposed to the public. 


They were swiftly shared amongst Facebook users who reacted to them with impassioned disapproval. Some users even warned the offenders that they might be "beaten up" for their actions.


The offenders themselves retorted after a slew of angry comments caused the episode to escalate on Facebook.


The incident has not only incited a wave of public anger on Facebook, but may succumb to legal implications. A stern reminder to all of the risks such conversations, even in private groups, on social media pose.

Lovin Malta would like to make a plea to all to forget the hate and, instead, donate. 

Make your donations to ALS Malta through the following numbers:

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51702016 – €15
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50618170 – €4.66
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