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‘Boys Will Be Boys’: Maltese School Blasted For Telling Female Students They Were Sexualising Themselves During Casual Day

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A middle school in Kirkop has come under fire after a parent complained of the way her daughter and other female students were treated on a casual clothes day.

“I am absolutely fuming at the moment,” a mother complained earlier today. “My 12-year-old daughter attends St. Benedict’s Middle School Kirkop and today they had a ‘green casual day’, where they were asked to wear jeans and a green or white top. Apparently after the morning assembly, the boys were sent to their classes and the girls were kept there and told that they were a disappointment because they were portraying themselves as sexual objects for the boys.”

“The girls who were deemed to be wearing ‘too tight’ jeans were given yellow sheets (if they collect a certain amount they are given detention),” she continued. “Even the girls who wore high waisted jeans were called out. I asked my daughter if anyone was wearing short tops or hipster jeans and she said that no one was dressed that way.”

“One girl asked the assistant head: ‘Why are you telling us that we are sexual objects and not telling the boys to not look at us that way?’ Her answer ‘Boys are wired that way and boys will be boys’,” she recounted.

“No, boys will not be boys, boys will be whatever you teach them to be,” the mother said

“If you teach them respect they will respect,” she continued. “If you teach them to treat women as pieces of meat then they will do that. How are these young girls supposed to defend themselves against sexual harassment if they are told it’s their fault and it’s normal for boys to do that. What are your opinions on this matter? I find this situation absolutely appalling.”

The mother’s story caused quite a stir online, with many people calling for action to be taken against the school’s authorities

“This is beyond shocking,” one person said. “Whoever took these decisions and acted in that way should be immediately disciplined and remedial action should be taken to correct this obscene characterisation in the eyes of the children and make them understand that whoever said what he/she said was dead wrong.”

“Not impressed at all,” said another. “How can we have level headed adults when they are given this impression as a child. Our education system needs a serious revamp and educators need to be vetted properly. I am not talking about a university degree – anyone can get a degree – but few are capable of real teaching.”

Lovin Malta repeatedly reached out to St Benedict’s Middle School but received no answer by the time of publishing.

What do you think of the way female students are treated in Malta?

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