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Ever Met A Cute Pig? Visit The Residents Of The New Sunshine Animal Sanctuary In Marsaskala During Open Day

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Two pigs, six rabbits, one dog and a rooster walk into a bar…

Except the bar is a safe haven called Sunshine Animal Sanctuary 

Over the years, activists from Animal Liberation Malta (ALM) have saved and homed countless animals.

However, in September 2020, they took their mission a step further and moved to a farmhouse in Marsaskala with the intention of offering protection and a new life to animals that had been abandoned, neglected, or bred to be killed for consumption.

“It was always a dream of ALM to set up a sanctuary for rescued farmed animals, the ones that have no voice,” says Leila Scott, one of the founders and (human) residents at the sanctuary.

“Most of the animals roam freely in our big yard, unless they are under medical care. We plan on expanding; in terms of both the team as well as space, by renting the field next door in order to be able to take in and care for more animals, whilst giving the public a chance to interact with them,” adds Ryan Bolger.

However, being a registered NGO, the sanctuary relies solely on donations to survive.

That’s why they are hosting an Open Day at the sanctuary – and you are invited!

If you would like to do something different on the 31st January, grab a few friends and pop over to the Sanctuary in Marsascala for what promises to be an educational, uplifting visit, where you will have the honour of meeting the adorable animals currently residing there; Trixiebell and Sergeant the pigs, Evie the dog, Cluck Norris the rooster, and Marley, Monty, Nero, Bianca, Lexa and Scruff the rabbits!

Volunteers will be providing information about their work and the rescues, and will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. There will also be a stand selling masks with prints of the furry and feathery residents, as well as drinks and delicious vegan cakes and pies.

Although the event is free, any donations would be much appreciated. All proceeds will go towards providing food, bedding, litter, vaccinations, and any medical care the animals might need, as well as renting the adjacent field, putting up fencing and setting up shelters.

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