Fighting Legend Conor McGregor Gives Amazing Shout Out To Malta After He Features On Carnival Float

"Thank you Malta, see you guys soon!"


Conor McGregor, possibly the most famous martial artist in the world, has hailed Malta after a float in his likeness was rolled out during this weekend’s carnival festivities.

A Maltese man had uploaded to Instagram a photo of the float, which featured McGregor, trademark gorilla chest tattoo and all, with his arms raised in the air.

“Only in Malta do you get to see The Notorious Conor McGregor as a carnival attraction,” he said.


However, he surely wasn’t expecting what was to happen next, when McGregor himself shared the photo to his story with some commentary of his own.

“Thank you Malta, see you guys soon!” The Notorious said. “I’ve been meaning to wash a few toes down there!”

Just another example of the stunning power of the internet to dramatically reduce the six degrees of separation.

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