'From Tomorrow We Start Pushing Again!': Bjorn Formosa Wakes Up After Critical Operation

The ALS hero is already looking ahead towards his next big project


ALS hero and activist Bjorn Formosa has woken up after his latest serious bout of surgery earlier this morning.

"Feeling much better!" Formosa told family, friends and fans, much to the relief of thousands of people who instantly reacted to his Facebook post.

Today's critical operation was another necessary step in extending Bjorn's life, as he persists on towards newer, bigger objectives. At the time of writing, it is not yet known whether Bjorn lost the ability to speak, an eventuality which he himself had said was very possible following the operation.

Always looking ahead, however, Bjorn promised everyone that, "from tomorrow, we start pushing again", as he now has the opening of a newer, bigger Dar Bjorn to work towards. In fact, speaking to Xarabank, Bjorn's wife Maria said that minutes after he woke up from the operation, he had already asked for his computer so that he can continue working.

On Friday 19th October, a fundraising marathon will air on Xarabank to help make this dream a reality.

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