Here Are The Most Inspirational And Awesome Maltese People From 2018, According To Malta's Top Personalities

From Andre Schembri to Jake Vella

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For such a small country, Maltese people have some incredibly big hearts, and there is just no lack of inspirational people on the island. Listed below, Lovin Malta's top personalities for 2018 open up about who they looked to for inspiration throughout the year - and who made them proud to be Maltese in 2018.

1. President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca

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Nominated by Chris Fearne, Francis Zammit Dimech, and Simon Schembri

Chris Fearne - "It must be Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca for her untiring and non-stop endeavour to bring vulnerable people’s issues onto the national agenda."

Francis Zammit Dimech - "I believe that our President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca has stood out in her unfailing determination to support the most vulnerable and needy in our society. It was a great privilege for me to co-ordinate directly with her how Malta’s voluntary cancer NGOs can through one platform become members of the European Cancer League, and to set up a meeting in Brussels for that purpose at the President’s own request after I had met her about the subject."

2. Simon Schembri

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Nominated by Joseph Muscat and Ian Borg

Joseph Muscat - "Represents the many heroes who work for society daily."

3. Chucky Bartolo

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Nominated by Ben Camille and Ira Losco

Ira Losco - "Cheque's in the mail - jokes aside, he does do a very good job. When someone comes across as a true natural and CAN actually make people laugh, then he must be applauded."

4. Clare Agius

Nominated by Jo Caruana and Valentina Rossi

Jo Caruana - "We recently produced a video together on how to beat plastic this Christmas, and she has been brilliant at getting this very valuable message across."

5. Jake Vella

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Nominated by Miriam Dalli and Roberta Metsola

Miriam Dalli - "Amazing determination."

Roberta Metsola - "Jake Vella and his parents, what heroes."

6. Sarah Zerafa

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Nominated by Maxine Pace and Gaia Cauchi

Maxine Pace - "Sarah Zerafa clearly blew us away with all she has achieved!"

7. Andre Schembri


Nominated by Adrian Delia and David Casa

Adrian Delia - "Andre Schembri, just short of a hundred international caps, he retires from the national team to give opportunities to our young talent."

David Casa - "The Maltese national football team captain who played his last match last month. His on and off the field humility and personality should inspire many local future athletes."

8. Anna Faniello

Nominated by Cyrus Engerer

"I haven’t really watched the X Factor Malta, apart from some of the clips uploaded on Lovin Malta, but a woman I have admired for a long time and who is now in the public eye and is becoming popular, as one of the programme’s participants, has to be my favourite personality of 2018. Anna Faniello is a woman of great strength and determination. She is an inspiration to many – her story, although its shared by others, hasn’t been made public by many. Her courage, and that of her family, has led others to find strength in difficult times. I was happy to meet her the other day, after many years in St. Paul’s bay. Her genuine hugs and smiles are infectious."

9. Christabelle

Nominated by Chris Cardona

"She got the Maltese pubic talking about mental health."

10. Camilla Appelgren

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Nominated by Eve Borg Bonello

"I look up to her and all she's done to better the Maltese environment."

11. Charles & Ron

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Nominated by Sarah Zerafa

"They absolutely killed it this year! Can’t wait to see them continue growing!"

12. Luke Azzopardi

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Nominated by Alex Alden

"He is making beautiful clothing with a strong backbone in costume design. His historical knowledge shows through in his pieces and they are all handmade. I also admire his dedication to his craft."

13. Carina

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Nominated by Chucky Bartolo

"I don't think I'll ever get over Carina's confessional's in Benjamin - so I have to say her"

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