Hundreds Of People Join Search For Adorable Puppy Who Got Lost One Day After Adoption

Let's help this young couple find Hannah


A young couple suffered a horrible stroke of luck last night when their beagle puppy, Hannah, slipped from its leash after a vet appointment in Naxxar.

The worst part? They had only adopted her the day before.

The image reads ''A one-year old medium sized beagle was lost on 01/08/2017 in Naxxar area around 18:30 as she got off her leash. A number of people saw her running in Gharghur/Iklin/Naxxar/Mosta areas. She might answer to the name "Hannah". She might be scared at first but will most likely approach you if there is food. Please help us find her! If you have any information please contact us on: 79302591 (Etienne) or on 79091864 (Stef). She is also chipped. We would truly appreciate your help. Thank you so much''

Posted on the popular page RUBS Puppy Love, her cry for help has been shared over 600 times, gaining a lot of momentum over the last couple of hours. At least 30 different search parties have been out searching for Hannah, but no one has managed to bring her home yet.

If you've ever lost a pet then you know the heartbreak these two are going through. Let's keep the momentum up and make sure Hannah finds her way home!

Tag a friend who lives in the area and let's help this couple find Hannah!

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