Japanese Chef Loved Maltese Food So Much He Opened A Restaurant In Tokyo

A little taste of home, while (very far) away.


Well, we always knew Maltese food was amazing - and now we have a Japanese representative to prove it! Found in the heart of Tokyo, マルタ (aka 'Malta') is a quaint little restaurant that serves up some of Malta's favourite specialities - and yes, that includes Cisk.


The restaurant, which opened in August, was the brainchild of Takashi Takamiya who came to Malta just over 6 months ago to study our cuisine.

"I spent 18 years working in an Italian Restaurant in Tokyo" he explains, "and then I came to Malta and stayed to learn how to cook Maltese food!"


The main man himself, making traditional-ish Gozitan ftira.

"We've had a few Maltese customers since we've opened. Our most popular dishes are Ftira and Bragioli."

The restaurant boasts a vast selection of Maltese dishes including rabbit stew and ħobż tal-Malti. According to a Maltese customer who visited 'Malta' the latter "tastes even better than the local version".

"Everything here is made with love with thought and consideration for each other."

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Burajiori pasta aka Bragioli.


Look ma! Our Ħobż is famous.

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Who can say no to a classic stuffat?

And sure, the food looks great. But check out (what should be) the main attaraction of this whole space:

Stained Glass

Boom. That should be a staple in every Maltese household!

You can find out more about the restaurant and how to get there from their Facebook page.

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