Mosta Dancer: 'A Havana Nightclub Bouncer Pushed And Kicked Me For Dancing Experimentally In A Corner’

'Mosta dancer' Sergio Laferla sheds light on bouncer violence at popular Paceville nightclub

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Photo left: The Havana nightclub in Paceville, Photo right: 'Mosta dancer' Sergio Laferla

Sergio Laferla shot to personality status when he was filmed dancing as though no one was watching at a Mosta bus stop, with many praising him for being such a free spirit.

However, it seems that a Havana bouncer was less appreciative of his moves and actually physically assaulted him when he saw him minding his own business and strutting his stuff in the corner of the nightclub.

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“Just got kicked out of Havana for experimental dancing alone in a corner,” Sergio wrote on Facebook. “The bouncer was so personally offended by my movement that he felt that yelling at me, pushing me and kicking me twice in my back was necessary as I was calmly walking away, trying hard not to be affected by his negativity. Interesting to see that the very people that are meant to keep the space safe carry so much anger and are the aggressors that initiate fights and use their authority against us. Hope you see the light one day, Mr Bouncer. Peace.”

Above: The viral video that shot Sergio into the limelight

Speaking to Lovin Malta last month, Sergio said he views dancing as a full body experience of self-expression.

"Through finding some form of identity, we have numbed ourselves and stopped ourselves from just being us: people. Therefore, we've stopped striving to becoming some ideal version of what a man is or a woman is, but simply be: you," he said.

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