Online Outpouring As People Mourn The Death Of The Young Father Who Died In Sliema Yesterday

'You will forever be my husband. I will never replace you.'

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Hundreds of people have taken to Facebook to express their condolences over the death of 26-year old Akram Almshay. The young Libyan man, a husband and a father, lost his life after an accident at the construction site he was working on in Sliema.

"You will be forever my husband," Akram's wife Amira announced on Facebook last night. "I will never replace you." Following the status of the grieving widow, hundreds took to social media to mourn the young man.

Many people expressed their concerns over the lack of health and safety measures in place at the site, saying that the tragic accident could have easily been avoided had the proper measured been put in place.

Akram's friend, Omar Rababah, posted a heartfelt video on his Facebook page where he expressed his contempt towards media outlets that shared the tragic video that showed Akram struggling in his final moments.

His concerns were that Akram's daughter - who is currently just over one year old - will grow up to see this upsetting footage that he believes has no place on the internet.

Others, however, called for people to "re-direct your anger" and to look at the worrying state of Malta's insatiable construction industry as the biggest issue of yesterday's tragedy.

"Understand what is really wrong with this situation", comments read, as people expressed their hope that Akram's death would not be in vain.

Our condolences go to Akram and his family. May he rest in peace.

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