'Shame On You!' Daughter Of Murdered Woman Calls Out Xarabank For Giving Airtime To Her Mother's Killer

'You're hurt because they removed your visitation rights? I'm hurt because I'll never be able to visit my mother again because you killed her!'

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The daughter of a murdered woman has called out popular TVM discussion show Xarabank after last Friday's emotional and controversial show about the state of Malta's prison, which featured an interview with the man who killed her mother.

Caricia Sammut is the daughter of Christine Sammut, who was shot at point blank range by Kenneth Gafà in a horrifying story that goes back to 2010.

She left her passionate comment under a video of the interview with the man who murdered her mother

"Poor man, he's hurt because they took his visitation rights away. You absolute clown! I'm hurt because I will never be able to visit my mom, because you decided to kill her! What education you have, let me tell you! Stay washing in a bucket, as if it was up to me I'd throw you in a room and throw away the key. Clown!"

"As I said and I'll continue to say, Xarabank and Peppi Azzopardi, you should be ashamed of yourself! Be ashamed if you know how. You don't know how hurtful it is to see this man on TV. And listening to him! Just as long as you want to create a programme. Shame!"

"I agree with you featuring people who maybe were caught with drugs, why not, but not murderers! And standing up for them!"

In a subsequent post, she said that her grandmother had watched the episode as well, and had seen the man who killed her daughter speak on TV

Responding to someone else's sympathetic comment, she replied: "This is very sorrowful! It's more grief for her mother to see the man who killed her daughter."

Xarabank's next episode is now set to focus on the victims of crimes

The case of Christine Sammut and Kenneth Gafà had shocked the nation back in 2010, with the case being heard until 2015, when Kenneth was sentenced to 35 years in prison

Kenneth and Christine had been seeing each other, before Christine ended the relationship. According to Caricia, Kenneth's behaviour became aggressive, leading to both mother and daughter being scared to leave the house. He reportedly started to "cultivate an obsession" with Christine following their break up.

Eventually, on the 11th of December in Żebbiegħ, Kenneth used a shotgun to shoot Christine in the neck at point blank range.

He had originally pleaded not guilty to the murder in 2011, eventually pleading guilty in 2015.

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