This Half-Maltese Hottie's Instagram Is The Perfect Start To Your Weekend

And he's a Cassar, so we can totally call dibs!


Everyone, meet Jake Cassar, the half-Maltese model who spends his life travelling between Sydney, London and New York and being generally hot in all these locations.

Jake, who plans to travel to Malta and visit some of his family who he's "never met before", got his big break at a music festival in Sydney, where he was approached by a London-based agent to fly up for a test shoot.

It would appear that he passed this test with flying colours.

"I have plans to visit [Malta] in the next couple of months to see a lot of my family which I have never met before."

Jake, who has previously said that if he weren't a model he'd probably be a plumber in Australia, working hard to buy a house, is a big lover of warm weather, good company and positive vibes - which we're sure he'll find loads of if he comes to visit. Please?

He's also a master of illusions, if you look very carefully, you can see a dog in this picture:

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Chucky Bartolo

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