Two Boys Who Went Missing This Weekend Were 'Found Alive'

One of the boy's mothers announced the good news on Facebook


The two young men who went missing this weekend seem to have been "found alive", according to a Facebook post by one of the boy's mothers.

No further details are available but the announcement was made at 7am this morning, an hour before a big drone search was about to go ahead. 

Mark Petric, 21, and Nick Johnson, 19, were reported missing on Saturday after two bags carrying clothes, shoes and two mobile phones were found by fisherman around Blata tal-Melħ in Rabat at 5am.

According to Times of Malta, the men were spotted by a farmer who saw them clinging onto rocks close to where their clothes were discovered. They were then taken to hospital for treatment, possibly due to dehydration, according to Malta Independent. They had been missing since Friday evening. 

Mark Petric was last seen wearing a black t-shirt with Vegan written on it, dark blue shorts, yellow sneakers and a white helmet. Nick Johnson wasn't wearing a helmet and wore a grey hoodie black shorts and black sneakers, according to descriptions shared online. 

Malta this weekend experienced strong winds and rough seas, raising fears that the boys may have found themselves in difficulty while swimming.

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Chris Peregin