Widow Condemns Contractors As Sliema Construction Worker's Body Sent To Libya For Burial

'Today, no one cares about safety and things... they just care about money'

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The widow of a Libyan construction worker who died after falling seven storeys on a worksite in Sliema last Monday has laid the blame on the contractors who put her late husband in a risky position in the first place.

Amira Maatoug took to social media to express her pain after being left husband-less with her young daughter in Malta, and called out people who put money before human lives in their quest for profit.

"I blame those who gave people work without seeing there needs and without giving them safety," Amira said. "They should give them safety before they start working and make sure everything is right but today no one cares about safety and things they just care about money… that’s how my husband died."

She also commented about the controversial sharing of a video that showed her late husband's last, desperate moments, clinging at a rope before he fell to his death.

"And about the video, why didn’t you call the police or someone while he was standing with the rope they come and save him, put something so he can fall on but no, they preferred taking the video instead of helping and let him die," she said.

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The body of Akram al-Mashay has been sent back to Libya for burial after local Libyan community leaders stepped up to fulfil the young man's wish

The 26-year-old's body will now be buried in his homeland. Al-Furtoqi, the Libyan Consul to Malta, organised the return of his body.

Many within the Libyan community thanked Al-Furtoqi for his work, as well as thanking the aviation company Medavia for their cooperation.

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Akram's death shocked the island after footage of his desperate attempt to climb up a dangling rope spread around the island.

His death has raised a national debate about health and safety standards on construction sites in Malta, and their lack of enforcement.

What do you think of Maltese health and safety standards?

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