Widow Of Sliema Construction Worker Calls Out Malta’s Arab Stereotypes In Emotional Tribute

"Akram was a very hardworking man who died working for his family"

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The widow of Akram Almshay, the Libyan construction worker who fell to his death in Sliema yesterday, has opened up about her late husband, stating he didn’t fit the stereotype commonly associated with Arabs in Malta.

“Yesterday was one of my worst nightmares; I lost my husband, the father of my daughter, my friend, you can say I lose a part of me forever,” Amira said on Facebook. “I never thought something like this could happen to me. Akram was a very good man, always there whenever we needed him, ready to help and ready to die for his family. He was a very hardworking man who died working for us. Every time an Arab person does something criminal here in Malta, I see many people commenting that they’re all the same. I always feel bad [hearing these comments] because I can tell you that no, not everyone is the same. My husband was an example and all who knew him know what I’m talking about. He was loved by many, always smiling and joking with a heart of gold but God decided to take him from us too soon.”

Amira also urged other construction workers to take their safety seriously and not to slip into a sense of complacency that what happened to Akram could never happen to them.

“Don’t ever say that this wont happen to me. I used to say the same and I got the shock of my life.”

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