Your Holiday Binge Sorted: Here Are 2018's Top Series According To Malta's Top Personalities

From dramas to cartoons and even Nas Daily

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If one thing's for certain, it's that there is no lack of awesome series to be binging on. Be they on television or Netflix, you can get some serious FOMO hearing about all your friends discussing the latest episode of *insert name of series here*.

So, instead of trying to catch up with your friends, here are some recommendations from Malta's top personalities to make sure you have something to watch this Christmas holidays.

Queen of the South

Rosianne Cutajar and Cyrus Engerer

Cyrus Engerer - "I was really let down with the finale of both House of Cards and Scandal. That said, I decided to watch Queen of the South, mainly because Malta features in the third season and was blown away. It is not typically my cup of tea but it grew on me, as we watched one episode after another. I now look forward to the 4th season in 2019."

Shark Tank

Ian Borg

Nas Daily and Kitchen Insider

Adrian Delia

"I only manage to watch snippets on Facebook, like Nas Daily, Kitchen Insider, What If, and a few others."

Money Heist

Joseph Muscat and Valentina Rossi

Salt Fat Acid Heat

Roberta Metsola

Madame Secretary

David Casa

God Friended Me

Miriam Dalli

The Walking Dead

Simon Schembri

The Bodyguard

Francis Zammit Dimech

"I am not much into watching TV shows in view of present commitments, but over the past months I made some time to watch the BBC Series ‘The Bodyguard’ depicting the story of a war veteran who is assigned to protect the UK Home Secretary. Although it is all fiction, the show does not fail to be very realistic and relevant to contemporary political themes. I watched all six episodes over a few days!"

Final Space

Alex Alden

Ozark and The Sinner

Ira Losco


Sarah Zerafa and Maxine Pace

Sarah Zerafa - "I binge watched this for a whole week"

This Is Us

Jo Caruana

"Hands down: I can’t get enough of that show and think the writing is absolute wonderful. I am so jealous of anyone who hasn’t seen it yet… you’ve got 2.5 seasons of pure joy to come your way!"

Stranger things

Chris Cardona and Eve Borg Bonello


Gaia Cauchi and Michela Pace

The Good Doctor

Ben Camille

BONUS: God of War and Detroit Become Human


"Why are we not talking about the best video games? We gamers need to rise up. My favourite games this year would probably be God of War or Detroit Become Human."

Have you seen any of these series? Let us know in the comments below

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