BREAKING: Former British Prime Minister Endorses Joseph Muscat

A video was broadcast during today's mass meeting


A message from the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was broadcast to the thousands gathered at PL's mass meeting in Floriana ahead of next week's general election.

In the video message Blair endorsed Joseph Muscat's bid to be re-elected as the Prime Minister of Malta. He said he'd known Joseph Muscat for a while, and that he was an example of what a progressive politician can do in a country. 

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Blair is one of Britain's most long-serving Prime Ministers, and lead the party to three consecutive general election victories. Throughout his long career he was cricitised mostly for his involvement in the invasion of Iraq. The Chilcot report condemned his rush to war but didn’t go as far as accusing the former leader of war crimes.

Blair's message in praise of Muscat was played after Italy's former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi (who resigned late last year) addressed the Labour mass meeting in person.

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