Government Uses Batman To Downplay Netflix's Criticism Of Passport Scheme

That's one way to do it

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The Maltese government has dismissed concerns that the sale-of-citizenship scheme is harming Malta’s reputation overseas, after it was portrayed as a scheme used by terrorists on the popular Netflix TV show Shooter.

And it downplayed any concerns in a particularly unusual manner, with Julia Farrugia Portelli - the parliamentary secretary for reforms in charge of Identity Malta - arguing that the United State’s reputation isn't harmed as a result of superhero films being based there.

“The fact that vigilantes from Batman to Spiderman and Captain America are all based in the US does not make it the most dangerous country to go to,” she told Lovin Malta. 


She also noted that the Professional Wealth Management, published by the Financial Times, recently ranked the Maltese Individual Investor Programme as the ninth best out of a research group of 12 countries and joint first for due diligence procedures. 

The show Shooter follows a series of counter-terrorism agents working to keep American borders safe, and in a recent episode the two protagonists discussed how Turkish terrorists had bought their passports from Malta. 

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