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If You Distract PN You’re Only Helping Labour, Party’s Chief Spokesperson Warns Members

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PN chief spokesperson Peter Agius has urged party members not to detract from the central party message, warning that doing so will only help the Labour Party.

Agius issued a statement following a spat between new PN candidate Alex Borg and the NGO Repubblika, with Borg denouncing Repubblika as “irrelevant and the NGO’s president Robert Aquilina responding by accusing Borg of engaging in a “fascist attack”.

The Nationalist Party is focused on its efforts to build an alternative government for Malta,” he said. “This is a crucial time for the country. We need to rebuild our reputation and get off the FATF greylist.”

“We also need to work with international partners to fight global threats like COVID-19 and Climate Change, which will affect Malta disproportionately.”

“In light of this, actions by party members that detract from the party’s work or confuse the message are inherently problematic. Anything that distracts us in our mission is helping labour continue the degradation of Malta’s name, environment and societal fabric.”

“I will keep working with Bernard Grech to unite the party in a coordinated message. Our country deserves nothing short of this.”

Meanwhile, PN candidate Emma Portelli Bonnici, who was recently entrusted by the party to oversee an outreach process over the Daphne Caruana Galizia public inquiry, hailed Repubblika’s work in forcing the resignation of former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

“I am now a proud PN candidate because I strongly believe that civil society’s and Partit Nazzjonalista’s values strongly align,” she said. “We both want our country to restore its reputation. We both want our institutions to function. We both want our rule of law to be followed. We both want our country to be led by a meritocratic and anti-corrupt government.”

“I reiterate what I stated when Bernard Grech announced that I am to lead the #QattAktar committee: thank you Repubblika for being instrumental in bringing down the most corrupt Prime Minister in Maltese political history. Thank you Occupy Justice for standing up to be counted from day one: amongst threats and sexist intimidation from high government officials.”

“Thank you Moviment Graffitti for your unwavering courage, even when your stands put you in direct danger.” 

“Government interaction with civil society should not only be encouraged – it is crucial. As we begin our work on the #QattAktar campaign, PN has pledged to identify the ways and means in which it will continue to do this once we are in government. I pledge to see this through.”

Do you agree with Peter Agius’ assessment? 

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