Labour Erects Billboards With Minimalist Campaign Logo As Small Party Cries Plagiarism

PL's 'Malta in our hearts' campaign logo is causing some dispute...


The Labour Party has erected billboards across Malta with its logo for the European Parliament and local council election campaign.

The logo is rather minimalist - a heart with ‘Malta’ stuffed into it, which forms part of the official slogan ‘Malta f’ Qalbna’ (Malta In Our Hearts).

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat unveiled the logo on Twitter yesterday, ahead of today’s speech at the PL general conference which will officially kickstart the party’s election campaign.

However, the Partit Demokratiku instantly accused the PL of plagiarising its own campaign slogan ‘Pajjiżna f’Qalbna’ (Our Country In Our Hearts).

“Is it possible that Joseph Muscat, with all his manpower, wasn’t even capable of coming up with an original logo?” PD leader Godfrey Farrugia questioned. “Did he really have to copy the PD’s logo, which had been in place since 27th January?"

"What’s the big idea? I would like to know in which part of Joseph Muscat’s heart Malta can be found, seeing as he sold us out, destroyed our country’s reputation, destroyed the institutions, annihilated the judiciary system and denied our children the right to enjoy their heritage.”

Cover photo: Left: The PL's billboard, Right: The PD's billboard

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