Malta Records Highest Migration Rate In Entire EU

Figures for 2017 show that the country receives 46 migrants for every 1,000 residents

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Malta recorded the highest rate of immigration in the entire EU in 2017.

Eurostat figures show how the country received 46 immigrants per 1,000 inhabitants. The closest country is Luxembourg, who have an immigration rate of 41 migrants per 1000 inhabitants.

Malta and Luxembourg have significantly higher rates of migration than their counterparts, with the closest country, Cyprus, having a migration rate of 24 migrants per 1000.

The island’s migration rates have increased significantly, with the influx of foreigners crucial to maintaining the economic growth required for further economic development.

In fact, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has repeatedly said that the country requires in excess of 40,000 workers to remain sustainable.

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Joseph Muscat in Parliament. Photo: DOI (Reuben Piscopo)

Malta, however, also has the fourth highest emigration rate in the block, with 15 out of every 1000 residents emigrating from the country.

17.5% of Malta’s population are foreigners, with statistics indicating that most non-nationals in the country were mainly citizens of another Member State.

On an EU level, a total of 4.4 million people immigrated to one of the Member States during 2017, while at least 3.1 million emigrants reported to have left an EU Member State.

There were an estimated 2.4 million immigrants to the EU-28 from non-EU countries. Meanwhile, there are around 11,000 stateless people.

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