Malta’s Smallest Party Just Took A Bold Move Against One Of The Most Powerful Ministers

"It is clear that Konrad Mizzi’s position as minister is now untenable"

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Left: Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi; Right: PD leader Godfrey Farrugia

Partit Demokratiku today moved a confidence motion in Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi in a move that will force MPs to show where they stand in light of the recent 17 Black revelations.

“Konrad Mizzi said in Parliament two years ago that his secret financial structure was set up for estate planning reasons,” PD leader Godfrey Farrugia said. “What started as doubts at the birth of the 2013 energy saga have grown into extremely suspicious questions and now into indisputable facts. It is clear that Konrad Mizzi’s position as minister is now untenable.”

If the majority of Parliament votes in favour of this motion, Mizzi will be forced to resign as minister.

PD MP Marlene Farrugia, who is Godfrey Farrugia’s partner, had filed a similar motion two years ago but it failed to go through after all Labour MPs voted against it. Godfrey Farrugia, who was then whip of the Labour Party, stuck with the party line, confirming in an emotional speech that he had forgiven Mizzi after realising the emotional stress his family had passed through in the wake of the Panama Papers.

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Parliament will now have to decide Konrad Mizzi's fate (Photo: Instagram - wander_mowlow)

“It is not right that someone opens an offshore company and trust, that is not above suspicion, and it is a fact that the Prime Minister has taken a decision on this matter, that this party is bringing about changes and economic growth,” Farrugia said. “Everyone knows what I would have done had I been in Konrad Mizzi’s place. I’ve met him three times in these last weeks: I understood his concerns, his emotional pain, the price he paid."

"Mizzi has passed through martyrdom and I believe that any decision must be taken with judiciousness and humility. I forgive the person who made me blind in one eye. I forgive Konrad, who has apologized to this House.”

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