Ministry Declines To Comment Directly On Alleged Casual Day 'Sexualisation' Incident At Kirkop School

In a statement it said it was ‘in favour equitable, fair, inclusive and quality education’

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The Ministry for Education has skirted from commenting specifically on the alleged incident involving a Kirkop Middle School who told female students they were ’sexualising themselves’ during a casual day at the school.

In a reply to a Lovin Malta article detailing the claim, the ministry said it “continues to give our children and youths an education that is built on respect towards each other.”

“The Ministry is in favour of equitable, fair, inclusive and quality education and supports educators who put these values in practice in their daily challenging work at school,” the ministry’s statement continued.

Earlier this week, multiple mothers complained that their daughters had been told they were provoking male students by wearing "tight jeans" during causal day.

While the boys were allegedly allowed to go to class as they were, the girls were taken aside and told that "boys will be boys" and that they should stop sexualising themselves, according to a number of mothers.

The Malta Union of Teachers has vehemently denied the allegation and condemned “the attempts of some individuals on social media, and later on by an online site, to discredit the hard work being done by educators in St Benedict Middle School.”

One mother said that they were “really disgusted and infuriated when my daughter told me what happened.”

“All the developed world is working against this belief that it's always the girls' fault because boys cannot be provoked and boys will be boys and the school management team of my daughter's school this morning proved that they still have a patriarch and old mentality. Really disappointed," she said in a public post.” she said.

However, a person defended the school saying that the school was merely showing discipline at what she considered an ‘amazing’ school.

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Julian Bonnici