PN Leader Is Facing Bizarre Accusations About His Massimo Dutti Suit

Daphne Caruana Gaizia says she knows why Adrian Delia was late to his own swearing-in ceremony

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Adrian Delia has found himself barraged by accusations since his entry on the political stage, but none of them have been quite so outlandish as this latest one concerning his Massimo Dutti suit and his timekeeping habits.

Journalist-blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia, one of Delia’s fiercest critics, last night claimed Delia had arrived an hour late for his swearing-in as Opposition leader last Friday because he was still picking out a suit from the Massimo Dutti outlet at Tigne Point while the ceremony had started.

Indeed, the outlet’s manager told Caruana Galizia that he had personally helped Delia pick a suit, shirt and tie for his swearing-in ceremony last Friday afternoon. He could not remember the exact timeframe, but said it was definitely after 4pm. 


Adrian Delia was sworn in as Opposition leader last week 

Delia has so far refused to entertain the reports and, when contacted by Lovin Malta, one of his spokespersons insisted the PN leader was sticking to his official public apology for arriving late to the show.

“We have nothing more to add to what Delia has already tweeted,” he said.  

However, Caruana Galizia's claims that Delia had arrived 90 minutes late were a little off the mark. Although press were invited to the Grandmaster’s Palace at 5:30pm, the official swearing-in ceremony was not scheduled till 6pm.  

Delia arrived on the scene, along with his wife Nickie Vella de Fremaux and five children, at around 6:40pm. The family had a private meeting with President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca which lasted between 10-20 minutes, and the formal swearing-in ceremony took place at around 7pm.

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