PN MEPs Question Timing Of Cocaine Allegations Against David Casa

'Nothing will detract us or the PN from standing up for the country we want to live in'

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Following allegations by an ex aide of David Casa's that the MEP would consume over €600 worth of cocaine in a weekend, PN's other two MEPs have questioned the timing of these claims.

Asked for comments by Lovin Malta (following the original accusations published by MaltaToday), Roberta Metsola and Francis Zammit Dimech have now issued a joint statement.

"David Casa has been clear in his statement denying these accusations," they said. "His statement and that of his staff speak for themselves as does his excellent track record in the European Parliament."

"We have known and worked closely with David for years and have always known him to be a dedicated and hard-working friend and colleague. He is respected, effective and professional. All three of us have come under sustained attack over the last months, but despite the interesting timing of this latest story, we will not lose focus on ensuring justice, truth and accountability reign in Malta and Gozo."

"Nothing will detract us or the PN from standing up for the country we want to live in."

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Casa himself has called these allegations "obscene" and also made claims about the aide in question, saying he had a gambling problem.

In his speech this morning, Joseph Muscat hinted that Casa and the PN should "sort out their own problems" before undermining Malta's integrity.

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