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‘There Is No Joy Today’: Roberta Metsola Calls Out Abela’s ‘Predictable, Pathetic, Panic’ After Vitals Inquiry Conclusion

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European Parliament President Roberta Metsola has posted a damning statement on Prime Minister Robert Abela and anyone who agrees with his recent statements on the country’s judiciary, hours after a Vitals hospital inquiry was declared concluded.

“Many in the country may feel vindicated today – and after years of vicious attacks by the desperate few, who can blame them?” Metsola wrote moments ago. “But vindication without justice is meaningless.”

“Many others may feel betrayed and broken after the men they placed all their trust in, were finally exposed as what we always knew them to be,” she continued. “But even now, my appeal is for those not to lose hope in politics or in politicians. They should demand better. Some will gloat. They shouldn’t. This moment is too significant in our young democracy. Too critical for Malta to get right.”

“Others, like the Prime Minister, will collapse in a predictable, pathetic, panic. Launching personal attack after attack on our judges. It’s all he knows. The lack of leadership that has plagued his premiership will not change. He will remain lost. Adrift. Unable, once again, to rise to the occasion.”

“There is no joy today,” the EP President continued. “Just a blunt sadness that our country is unable to come together and agree that there should truly be no one above the law. Despair at the total abject failure of the Prime Minister to meet this moment with an iota of the leadership the country deserves.”

“But above all, there is a determination for justice,” Metsola finished. “For accountability. For Malta to get better. We will get there.”


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Prime Minister Robert Abela has repeatedly warned the judiciary not to engage in “political terrorism” through the Vitals magisterial inquiry, insinuating that the timing of the inquiry’s conclusions is orchestrated to disrupt the European Parliament and Local Councils elections and casting doubts on the Magistrate’s impartiality.

His warnings have also been echoed by former prime minister Joseph Muscat, who is at the heart of the Vitals saga and who just today reiterated his lack of trust in magistrate Gabriella Vella.

“I assume that I’m going to be charged with something and I’m saying ‘bring it on’,” Muscat said.

“I am in the ring and ready for a fight. I wanted to hang up my boxing gloves four years ago, but if some people want to drag me back into the ring, then I will enter,” Muscat told Lovin Malta earlier today. “And once I get into a fight I will win it, not because I’m stronger but because I know that I’m telling the truth.”

What do you make of Metsola’s statements?

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