WATCH: Konrad Mizzi Laughs Off Corruption Billboard: ‘PN Could Have Chosen A Better Photo Of Me'

"I felt quite flattered when I saw that billboard although perhaps they could have chosen a better photo of me

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi opted to take a lighthearted approach after the Nationalist Party splashed his face on billboards which condemned government corruption.

“When [PN leader] Adrian Delia compared himself and the PN to the Risen Christ, I asked myself what he could possibly come up with next,” Mizzi told the Labour Party’s general conference yesterday. “Then, on the first day of its campaign, the PN put my face up on my billboard."

"At first, I felt quite flattered, although perhaps they could have chosen a better photo of me, but the reality is that the PN hasn’t changed. It has the same formula as it had in 2013 and 2017 and it remains a negative party, unlike ourselves who look to the future with a clear vision under Joseph Muscat’s leadership.”


Mizzi recounted his achievements as minister, from ensuring cheaper electricity bills and seeing the Delimara power station project through to improving Air Malta’s financial situation.

“We did a lot in these past six years and I’m convinced that we’ll keep making a difference as a united team. We will strive to help those single mothers who work long hours and want to own their own property, those pensioners who want to have better lives, those children and families who want more open spaces and gardens and those neighbourhoods who want more security.”

“My message to Adrian Delia is to just sit back and relax, because we did a lot but we’re only just getting started."

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