WATCH: PN Leader Adrian Delia Warns Labour Party Is Secretly In Favour Of Abortion

"We will never stop defending the unborn child's right to life"

Opposition leader Adrian Delia has warned that the Labour Party is secretly in favour of abortion, noting that it had signed a document which state that everyone has the right to decide over their own body.

“We have always defended life from the very beginning, even for those who haven’t been born, but the socialist party [sic] considers the right to life as a lesser value than the right to choice,” Delia told a PN general council meeting today.

Although the Labour Party has consistently stated that it is against abortion, Delia noted that the Party of European Socialists (PES), the EU political grouping the PL forms part of, had hinted at a pro-choice position in its manifesto for the 2019 MEP elections.

The statement in question says the PES “will ensure that every individual has access to their full sexual and reproductive rights…every person has the right to decide over their own body.”

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“The Maltese socialist party signed this manifesto which means it agrees that the right to choice is more important than the right to life,” Delia said. “The PN is saying the complete opposite, that the right to life, including of the unborn child, is a priority. This is a position we will never shift away from.”

With surveys indicating that the PL is set for a colossal victory next May, the Opposition leader urged the public not to view the upcoming European Parliament election as a clash between political parties, but to analyse the values of the individual candidates instead.

“Which candidates have the best credentials to bring more wealth to our country? Which candidates truly understand the EU, believe in the EU, have worked in the EU and can bring the EU and Malta closer together? Which candidates can go to Europe and bring more opportunities and solutions to Malta? Which candidates can defend Malta in Europe with an influential voice, thanks to its party’s membership in the largest political grouping (the EPP)?”

He also Delia urged the public to remember that the Nationalist Party was historically in favour of Malta’s EU accession, while the Labour Party, which he kept referring to as “the Socialist party”, was against it.

“The party in government never believed in Europe and our voyage to EU accession was consistently hindered by a socialist party which never favoured the EU, but rather the mentality of centralising government and seizing power. It doesn’t see politics as offering a service but as grasping power.”

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