Malta's Very Own Cool-Runnings: Tech Entrepreneur And Partner Become First Islanders To Finish Cross-Country Ski Marathon

The 45 kilometre marathon "felt tougher than a running marathon"

Angelo Dalli And Olga Lovin Malta Cross Country Ski

While the entire country was trapped indoors by this weekend's storm, the man behind a Maltese company’s brazen attempt to teach a robot how to paint completed a 45 kilometre cross country ski marathon with his partner, with the couple becoming the first Maltese people to finish a marathon of this sort.

Becoming the country's very own version of Cool Runnings, tech entrepreneur Angelo Dalli (who is also a keen runner and climber in his free time), wrote on social media how the challenge “felt tougher than a running marathon”.

As Malta was gearing up for a national marathon that ended up being cancelled because of a historic storm, Angelo was getting ready for his own kind of marathon

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Angelo Dalli and his partner Olga

Finishing the Halvvasan 2019 on Tuesday, Angelo celebrated his achievement. "First Maltese guy ever to finish a cross country ski marathon," he wrote, although he quickly followed it up by saying that technically, his partner Olga crossed the finish line before him... also becoming the first Maltese woman to break this record in the process.

In the past, Dalli has scaled Mount Everest Base Camp, ran the Malta half-marathon and ran the Bhutan full marathon a mere six days later.

When not busy investing in AI art and being an athlete (I know... easy), Dalli plans to break ground worldwide by combining data mining with Artificial Intelligence, also having worked in Silicon Valley and with lottery companies in South Africa in the past.

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