Valletta Futsal Team Just Made Maltese History And We Cannot Get Over It

The team won with an impressive score of 8-5

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The Valletta Futsal team literally just made history by winning the third and final game from Group E and are now in for the UEFA Futsal Champions League knockout stages. You go boys!

“This qualification means a lot to us, it’s a historical win. This is the first time we ever got to this stage. We worked very hard for this, and it paid off,” Team President Chris McKay said.

This all happened after yesterday's heated game against Macedonia’s Vales were they totally won with an impressive score of 8-5. That means that they got a total of nine points which helped them get to their final rounds. The game was hosted in Macedonia and although Vales had the upper hand initially, the Valletta team soon outdid them with an amazing double score before half time. Amazing.

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Photo by Net News

The team was led by Xavier Saliba and they opened the second half of the game by having Yerai Hernandez Gutierrez and Murtaz Kakabadze score two goals in just two minutes.

"It was a memorable season. It was hard for us to do all of this within two months, and this win is pushing us to work even harder to achieve our goals,” Club Chairman Edward Bartolo said.

Net News reported that Zoran Leveski and Camilo Gomez also scored a goal along with Aleksandar Gligorov. the team’s goalkeeper Tornike Bukia also scored, marking the seventh goal of the game.

Their fate was later on sealed by Yerai Hernandez Gutierrez who closed off the game with a phenomenal win.

These guys had two other impressive scores this week, one of 4-2 against Estonia’s Cosmos and another one of 5-0 against Futsamba Naas.

We’re rooting for you boys.

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