The Best Videos To Come Out Of Malta's Election Campaign So Far

The good, the bad, and the downright hilarious

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With 2017's short but extremely intense election campaign already halfway down, Malta has seen a heavy influx of politically-related videos. And while some of them shocked or even angered people, others were downright hilarious. 

These are the best videos to come out of the election so far.

1. The interval performance by Marlene Farrugia

Marlene Farrugia's switch from PN, to PL and now PD's coalition with Forza Nazzjonali had already been the subject of controversy for quite a while. 

After a video surfaced of her dancing along to one of the most iconic PN mass meeting songs in the very beginning of the snap election's campaign, things escalated quickly.

2. The Mass Meeting fist fight

Loud music, tens of thousands of people, and probably a container or two worth of alcohol? Mass meetings frequently look like they're minutes away from disaster, and a video uploaded this week from the last PL mass meeting is the perfect proof.

A fight breaks out... on the bed of a truck full of supporters of the same political party.

3. The major fangirl

Simon Busuttil shows up to court in the midst of the Egrant scandal, but some of his most passionate followers were more concerned with getting as close as possible to their leader... and gaze upon his apparent dashingly good looks.

4. The power couple

A video of this couple at a PL mass meeting quickly made the rounds online, no doubt for the sheer energy shown on screen.

5. The refusal to take a hint

In the controversial days leading up to this week's University General Election Debate, OPM chief communications officer Kurt Farrugia showed up at the University of Malta for a clarification meeting with the UOM Debating Union, the organisers of the debate. 

NET News' Mario Frendo was there to barrage Farrugia with questions, demanding an ETA on the Prime Minister's confirmation. Farrugia managed to keep his cool all throughout the over six minutes of slightly aggressive questioning, while Frendo didn't realise he wasn't going to get any answers that day. 

Bonus resilience (or pest) points for Frendo and NET's camera crew following Farrugia from the University library to the chaplaincy. 

6. The "ibqa' sejjer sabiħ"

Minutes before the University General Election Debate kicked off, Chris Cardona gets in an argument with a member of Għaqda Patrijotti Maltin, allegedly because he wanted to sit in the front row. Surrounded by other members of PL and even a security or two, the man looked he was not going to be intimidated so easily, looking Cardona in the eyes and telling him, "Mela ibqa' sejjer sabiħ."

7. The saucy exit

A video uploaded by Forum Żgħazagħ Laburisti a couple of hours after the University General Election Debate showing Simon Busuttil taking off his suit jacket and tie post-debate very quickly went viral, gathering 130,000 views in just over 12 hours. 

Such a massive amount of views, however, was probably down to PL supporters sharing it to make fun of Simon, and PN supporters sharing it saying it actually made their leader look... well, pretty darn cool.

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