WATCH: Leli, Żebbug's 60-Year-Old Altar Boy With Down Syndrome, Is A Living Testament To Humility

This new heartwarming mini-doc into Leli's life will make you believe in humanity again

In the midst of the chaos that modern life often springs upon us, one Maltese man's humility and dedication is a potent reminder that one can truly find pleasure and meaning in the simplest of things.

The ninth of 13 children, Leli is a 60-year-old man with Down Syndrome.

He is also the apple of his mother's eye and a pillar of support for the Żebbug parish, having served for over four decades in his local church.

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He's been serving as an altar boy in the Ħaż Żebbuġ parish for 45 years

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Religion and church are central to his life

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And so are his family

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Recently, the Żebbuġ community came together to celebrate his 60th birthday

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Now, his story has been immortalised in this heartwarming video by videographer Steve Zammit Lupi

"I've known Leli since I was a young boy, when at the age of nine I became an altar boy with the Ħaż Żebbuġ parish," Zammit Lupi told Lovin Malta. "He became a close companion for the following seven years."

"Leli always struck me for his simplicity and humility," Zammit Lupi continued, "and despite the barriers due to his condition, he still somehow manages to enjoy a level of independence, and integrates with the local community."

"I wanted to show Leli in his every day life, the way he spends his day and the way he integrates with the community like everyone else."

"I think Leli is a great reminder that every person in society is valid and can contribute," Zammit Lupi said. "Leli's warmth for those that surround him and his humility make him a wonderful character - and his 60th birthday on 23rd March proved to be a perfect opportunity to show it," he said.

Spend some time with Leli by watching the above video, and remember that there's always another way of looking at life.

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