WATCH: Maltese Teen Live Streams Himself Saying 'Merry Christmas' 50,000 Times

'This is torture'

Christmas Day is, for the most part, a time for family, friends, and food. However, one Maltese teenager decided to spend the holiday doing something a little bit different.

Gabriel Tonna, who runs the Youtube page Gabz, spent the day live streaming himself saying 'Merry Christmas' 50,000 times. In one sitting. While everyone else was with their families and enjoying life.

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Around the 49,623th mark, a commentator said he could remove 100 "Merry Christmases" if he punched the fan behind him

"Jekk tati rest lill dak il fan ta warajk nahfrulek 100", said the intrepid commeter. Gabz, never refusing a challenge, promptly punches his fan - but keeps the 100 anyway, because he's that kind of guy.

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Pictured above: Maltese youth Gabriel Tonna punching an innocent fan during his Christmas live stream

Needless to say, viewers following his ordeal had a lot to say in the live chat

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Speaking to Lovin Malta, Gabriel explains why he undertook such a challenge

"I was thinking about doing something different for Christmas - as a creative I love standing out and so this idea somehow came to mind!" he said.

However, it wasn't easy working his way through so many words.

"I felt exhausted like crazy," he continued. "Moreover it felt less difficult than it should've as my Maltese support-base kept me entertained through the chat stream - gotta love the Maltese!"

Unfortunately, the first 20,000 "Merry Christmases" were not recorded due to wifi issues, but the last 30,000 took him four hours and 47 minutes

Gabz is now preparing for his next mission: saying "Wishing you a happy New Year" 100,000 times later this week.

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What do you think of Gabz's insane Christmas challenge?

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