WATCH: MEPs Discuss Corruption, EU Presidency And Running For Local Politics

Lovin Malta interviews Roberta Metsola and Miriam Dalli in Brussels

Labour MEP Miriam Dalli believes the government is performing very well economically but should be moving in a more positive way on issues like the environment and transparency.

"All in all the government is performing well. But it is not a perfect government. There are certain areas where it can perform so much better," Ms Dalli told Lovin Malta in a joint interview held in Brussels with MEP Roberta Metsola.

Ms Metsola pointed out that corruption has become of the top concerns for Maltese people.

"What people want from their leaders are honest, transparent brokers. They want a different type of politics where institutionalised corruption is finally eradicated from our country and they see (Opposition leader) Simon Busuttil as offering a true alternative," she said.

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Ms Metsola said she wished that in the run up to Malta's EU presidency she wasn't being asked why Konrad Mizzi was still a minister in Joseph Muscat's government.

"Unfortunately something like this is overshadowing what should be such a crowning moment for our EU membership."

Ms Dalli insisted that there should be "all hands on deck" during the historic presidency.

Asked whether they had aspirations of becoming leaders in their parties or contributing more back home, Ms Dalli said she was still a newcomer to politics and she was taking her career day by day.

Ms Metsola said: "I have never run for local or national politics. I take my mandate very seriously and there's a lot of work left to do."

The two MEPs also made their positions clear on the morning-after pill, as reported earlier this week. 

Miriam Dalli said she could not understand the logic of telling women they had to get a prescription from doctors. 

Roberta Metsola said she understood there was a wish for more expert and objective advice on the matter, adding: "I will continue to believe that contraception should be as widely accessible and available as possible."

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