WATCH: Michael Fassbender Makes Heartfelt Appeal In Aid Of Malta-Based NGO

It is #GivingTuesday after all

Actor Michael Fassbender has just released a heartfelt video calling for donations for the Malta-based NGO that works to rescue migrants trapped at sea.

MOAS, the Migrant Offshore Aid Station is a non-profit organisation that sends rescue missions out to sea to prevent as much loss of life as they can in our waters.

Moas 2

"The men, women and children that MOAS rescue are just like us. They love their families. They just want to feel safe."

The Assassin's Creed actor opens with a chilling reminder that this year an average of 14 people a day have drowned while attempt to cross the Mediterranean.

MOAS has saved over 33,000 lives since they first started, and you can help make a difference with your donation. If you can, please consider donating. In the words of the organisation itself: Give a little. Save a life.

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