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Norman Lowell Challenged On His Own Foreign Roots After Claiming African Descendants ‘Only Maltese On Paper’

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Anti-migration firebrand Norman Lowell was forced to confront his own foreign ancestry after insisting on TV that he doesn’t give a toss about what black Maltese people think when they hear him speak.

During an interview on TVM’s Ras Imb Ras, the Imperium Europa founder said that not a single African migrant should be allowed into Europe, even if they are being persecuted.

“They can solve their own problems,” he scoffed.

Journalist Mario Xuereb asked Lowell what he thinks goes on through the minds of black Maltese people, who are descended from migrants, when they hear him speak.

“Who cares what they think? It’s not my problem, it’s their parents’ problem,” Lowell answered.

When Xuereb noted that they are just as Maltese as he is, Lowell responded: “Yes, they have a piece of paper which says they’re Maltese…”

Xuereb pointed out that the same applies for him, to which Lowell responded: “Si, but there are other factors”.

“Your surname isn’t Maltese, right?” Xuereb interjected. “People can call you a British migrant just as you are calling these people African migrants…”

This is what followed


Lowell: “My family came to Malta in the 1800s from Nantes. I feel Maltese..”

Xuereb: “What about the children of migrants?”

Lowell: “Listen, why don’t we go back to the days of the Knights then?”

Xuereb: “The point is that you know as well as I do that Maltese people have always mixed with different people”

Lowell: “The Maltese didn’t even used to mix with the English because they were Protestants.”

Xuereb: “There are many Maltese people with British surnames, even in Cottonera”

Lowell: “But that was all under the counter, not official”

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