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Occupy Justice Refuses To Clarify Donations: ‘We Will Not Be Part Of A Fake News Smear Campaign’

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Activist group Occupy Justice has refused to clarify questions related to its donations, arguing such questions are “designed to deflect from the serious corruption and criminal issues this country is facing”.

An email from someone purporting to be an ex Occupy Justice activist called Erika Mizzi circulated on WhatsApp yesterday and was published on One News.

In the email, ‘Erika Mizzi’ said she resigned after being asked by the ‘core group’ of Occupy Justice to collect donations during social events, online chats and vigils, even after she pointed out that it’s illegal to ask for donations without a police permit or being a registered NGO.

“Donations are happening on a daily basis in all Occupy Justice WhatsApp groups and during every event and vigil they organise,” the email reads. “[Donations] are mostly on a cash basis but certain politicians from minor parties also gave hefty donations and it’s estimated they collect €5000-€6000 monthly.”

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A recent Occupy Justice action outside Castille

“This NGO is supposedly fighting anti corruption and rule of law and issues [sic] whilst at the same time breaking Maltese and European law. Shouldn’t somebody hold them to account when they have collected over €50,000 during the last 14 months without being accountable and without any expenses being justified?”

A source within the movement calling for justice for Daphne Caruana Galizia told Lovin Malta that the concerns expressed in the email are legitimate and that people have indeed left Occupy Justice due to a lack of transparency over donations.

Asked by Lovin Malta how much money Occupy Justice has raised since its formation and what the money is spent on, Occupy Justice activist Pia Zammit responded by stating: “Erika Mizzi doesn’t exist”.

“We refuse to be part of a fake news smear campaign by answering any questions, designed to deflect from the serious corruption and criminal issues this country is facing,” she said. “Those in power claim that we are a tiny minority, yet they have taken the time (again) to fabricate a “news” item with the objective of obstructing our call for truth and justice. Now why would anyone not want Truth and Justice? Why are Super One giving credence to lies?”

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