Over 12,000 Emails Sent To Candidates Through Lovin Malta's "What Floats Your Vote"

And the numbers keep rising

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Four days ago Lovin Malta launched the What Floats Your Vote online platform inviting our readers to chose send their favourite electoral proposals to their district candidates. So far, over 12,000 emails have been generated from the site's users.

The proposals included on the portal are taken directly from Lovin MAlta's 52-point manifesto which was launched on April Fools. Users are also invited to submit their own proposals to send to the candidates. 

What Floats Your Vote has given our readers an opportunity to have a real conversation with the candidates vying for their vote in their electoral district. Here's how it's gone down so far.

1. Nearly 4.5K users have engaged with the site

That's at least 1,000 sessions a day so far. Out of these, 533 users have submitted their own proposals. So people are definitely ceasing this unique opportunity for a direct dialogue with their district candidates. 

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2. Some candidates really owned it

Disappointingly, although not surprisingly, there hasn't been vigilant response from all the candidates. But some, especially younger candidates, have really jumped on this opportunity for dialogue in a big way.

3. Awareness is still spreading

Following our online launch of What Floats Your Vote, Lovin Malta also used the cash we gathered as part of a crowd-funding initiative to have our own billboard erected. This means we expect more and more users to jump on this band-wagon and use it to make themselves heard with their district candidates. Especially seeing as so little time is left till election day is upon us.  

P.S. We're loving the tree placement in front of the billboard, which looks quite a lot like one of our most popular PartitLM earlier iterations. #Believe

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4. The environment, political ethics, and equal pay are at the top of users' priorities

Out of the 52 proposals available on the portal to choose, these five have been most popular with users:

1. Re-green built areas to create more ODZ land
2. Preserve the skylines of Valletta and Mdina
3. Make it a criminal offence for MPs to not fully disclose their income or assets
4. Set up an ethics committee to scrutinise behaviour of all Members of Parliament
5. Ensure equal pay for men and women for the same jobs
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Have you sent your proposals to your district candidates yet? Log on to What Floats Your Vote and do it now!

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